Website Templates

Welcome to my website template section where you will find a wide variety of designs to choose from. As you browse through the list, please keep in mind the following points:

  • Each design has only a single example page. This design can be expanded to create additional pages for your site.
  • These templates are simply to provide inspiration and help guide you to a final custom design personally created just for you.
  • Every element of every page can be changed to customize a site for you. The photographs, text content, section headings, etc. are all just presented to give you some ideas.
  • You will see a small thumbnail of each design with some icons below each picture.
    • Peek • Click this icon to get a popup window with a full-sized graphic of how the page looks. It will load very fast and give you an actual-size screenshot of the page. At this resolution you will see many more details than are possible in the small thumbnail.
    • Preview • Click this icon to get a popup window will the actual operating page. This view will take a little longer than the simple screenshot, but will give you a live preview that you can interact with: resize the window, click on the links, etc. The links will only re-display the sample page, but your real site will bring up additional pages as needed.
    • Apply • Click this icon to display the site using this theme, giving you a good idea how the template can be applied.

For My Customers

As a customer of mine, you will be given a login username and password. When you log in to the site, you will be offered additional options to help me create the perfect site for you. Each template will add the following options at the bottom of each thumbnail:

  • Good • Click this icon if you like this design, or a certain part of the design. You will be able to recall all the designs where you clicked this icon for review later.
  • Bad • Click this icon if you dislike this design, and there are no parts of it that you are interested in. These designs will be excluded from the list as you further refine your custom design.
  • Comment • Click this icon if you would like to leave a comment about this particular template. Maybe you like a particular image on the page, the background, the way the headings are presented, or just that you like the overall look. These notes will help me understand what you would like to see on your custom site.

Once you click one of the icons noted above it will be highlighted with a distinctive border as a reminder to you that it was clicked. On the right side of the page you will be able to recall lists of the designs that you liked, didn't like, or left notes. You can change your options at any time, nothing is set in stone. If you like something now, but later on see something that you like better, you can remove a previous design from the list.

With the information you provide, I can create some wireframes to present to you. Together we will refine the design to create the site that is perfect for you.

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