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Below is a list of the web sites I've created over the years. I am available to help you create your own business or personal web site.

Drop me a note to let me know what you are looking for. I have a large collection of templates that you can browse to create a low-cost site including all your email needs.

Active Sites

These sites are current and active.

Pink Coyote

Indian Art & Jewelry Store
Peters Design

Graphic Design artist
Three Lakes Pool League

Pool League for Three Lakes, Wisconsin
Gift Panther

Unique and unusual gifts
Three Lakes Lions Club

Lions Club, Three Lakes, Wisconsin

My Family genealogy project

Updated Sites

I originally wrote these sites, but for one reason or another, they have moved on to a new host.

Delafield Brewhaus

Brewpub in Delafield, Wisconsin
Detroit Society for Genealogical Research

Division of the Detroit Public Library in Detroit, Michigan
Halma-Jilek Reporting

Court reporting and depositions
The Theo Pro Group

Services for tax credit compliance in the affordable housing market

Professional florists in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Michigan BTA

Michigan Chapter of the National Business Travel Association
Lutheran Church

North Wisconsin District, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Pine Isle

Pine Isle Restaurant and Bar, Three Lakes, Wisconsin
Watercraft Sales

Boats and marine supplies in Three Lakes, Wisconsin
National BTA

National Business Travel Association
Michigan State Alumni

Alumni site for Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan

Archived Sites

These sites are for companies that have since gone out of business, but are archived here.

Breeze Realty

Real Estate company
Three Lakes Tavern League

Tavern League, Three Lakes, Wisconsin
Aberdeen Subdivision

Subdivision in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Accelerated Debt Relief

Debt relief assistance
Klinkert Brewing Company

Proposed brewpub in Racine, Wisconsin
Lakeview Mortgage

Mortgage brokers in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Little League

Menomonee Falls Little League, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Brewing Company

Small microbrewery in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Metro Flying Club

Flying Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Brewers Guild

Wisconsin Brewers Guild
Book Store

University Book Store, gifts and clothing, Three Lakes, Wisconsin

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